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Recent Testimonials

Thank you so much for your wonderful yogurt. I love it. It takes me back to when I was a child on a farm in Virginia in the 1970’s (a commune, Springtree, in Scottesville); we had two milking cows and we had fresh milk every day and of course made not only butter but this style of yogurt. I have tried a lot of different kinds of yogurt over the years but never found anything as close to ours until I discovered yours. I have it every day with my cereal.  I also like your jars; I reuse those. Thank you again for such a great product. Jennifer

I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation of your product! I've been eating your Bulgarian yogurt, purchased from New Seasons Market in Portland, Oregon, for over a year now and it makes my dreams come true! I lived in Bulgaria for two years, 2010-2012, and one of the things that I miss the most is the yogurt. I've been eating your product 5 days a week since I discovered it, and I just saw your recipe for banitza on your website. I want you to know how thankful I am to have Bulgarian yogurt in the US, and hope you make it forever! Thanks so much always for your fantastic yogurt. Laura

I love this yogurt! Simple, great taste and only two ingredients: milk and cultures. Exactly what I was looking for! And did I mention a Texas company?! Deserae

My Bulgarian husband looked for months to find what he calls real yogurt when he got to the USA. And when we found yours. He was so happy. We buy it regularly! Wendy

I just stumbled upon your Bulgarian yogurt and was taken back to my childhood! Growing up in Italy, yogurt was always plain and a bit sour, nothing like the oversugared chemical-tasting food most people called yogurt in the U.S.! Thank you so much White Mountain for making the real thing! I will be a customer for Life! Claudia

Health Supporting Testimonials

Many of our consumers write to us about how our Bulgarian Yogurt has helped and supported their health issues. They also explain how they like our yogurt because it fits with their health supporting special diets such as SCD, GAPS, Keto, and Paleo. Many doctors, nurses, and veterinarians recommend our yogurt to their patients.


The FDA has regulations that prohibit certain language from being used in the marketing of food products to protect the public from false or unproven health claims. We have [edited] some of the testimonials below to conform to those laws. We make no claims as to the effects of our products on your health by posting these consumer comments.


I love your yogurt product, and I think it tastes great. I can attest to the fact that it actually works. I have had various stomach issues and regularly eating this has helped regulate my issues.” – Justin

I’ve always had stomach issues since I was a child, and nothing ever seemed to work diet, medication, exercise. After coming back from two weeks in Spain, everything I ate and drank caused me extreme pain instantly, and I wasn’t able to properly digest anything.


After 3 months of my symptoms not improving, I told my doctor, expecting I would be put on some sort of antibiotics. My doctor recommended White Mountain Yogurt, and instructed me to give it one week, and come back if it didn’t get better.


Within hours after my first cup, I began feeling [supported]! My stomach pain was [helped], and [my digestion was supported]! I swear by WM yogurt now and eat a cup of it every morning to help promote healthy digestion. Alma

I tell you what. I have [digestive] disease. My mother-in-law introduced me to White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt some time ago. I started taking it every morning with my meds. I noticed a difference in the way I felt right away. It helped [support] the lining of my intestines...where the [digestive disease]is. Basically, it [helps] the lining. When I forget to take it, I can definitely feel the difference.

I recently had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. To my and my gastro doc’s surprise, it was a clean scan...which means remission! I attribute a huge part of [supporting] that remission to your product. I buy 4 to 6 jars at a time at my local Sprouts health food store, and unless there is some unforeseen emergency, I never miss a day.


I’m on this for life now, and that’s not a bad thing, quite the opposite in fact. I have recommended this to every outlet for bowel and intestinal diseases. I have also highly endorsed it in my research study to my gastroenterologist and my nurses.


This stuff really TRULY is a life saver. I know that my testimonial may just be viewed as opinion, but I would highly recommend this product to ANYONE with an inflammatory bowel disease, intestinal disorder, [digestive] disease, or any other gut disorder. If it can help me to remission, imagine what it can do for others. I can only imagine someone who has bad ulcerations...so much so that they are in need of an ileostomy. If this helps...the inner lining and...those ulcerations, the gut would heal and they wouldn’t need the dreaded bag surgery!


I don’t know if you guys truly know how beneficial your product is. I was skeptical at first when my mother-in-law asked me to try it, but after taking it every day for almost 2 years, I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am to have access to it!


Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!!! ─ Albert


I’ve been eating this yogurt for about 3 months based on recommendation from my Dr/Naturopath. Suffice It to say it’s been life changing. I’ve had GI issues for years and with so much info on the importance of a healthy microbiome I was anxious to try this yogurt with high probiotic count. I’m a believer! Tried and True. GI issues greatly improved. Side benefit is that my overall mood is better too. More microbiome info (Googled) indicates that Serotonin (brain chemical associated with susceptibility to depression) is primarily made in the gut. With a healthier gut I believe my body is manufacturing the serotonin it needs to support my physical and mental health. I’m not a paid promotor and I do not have a medical or nutrition background. My post is based solely on my personal experience. I just want to share this with people who could benefit.  Having one’s health is EVERYTHING. I haven’t felt this good in over 3 years! ─ Margaret 


A couple of years back, I would use White Mountain Yogurt when creating recipes for my previous food enterprise. Now, years later, I have been going through a worse streak of digestive issues than I have ever had.  After trying various diets (with no luck) that eliminated and then slowly reintroduced potential food sensitivities, I remembered back to those days that I used to eat a lot of White Mountain's Bulgarian style yogurt that we used for the business.  When I was consistently eating this product, not only did my digestion seem to function at an improved level but also my lactose intolerance seemed to also be dramatically reduced!  I made the decision to ditch the diets and get back to a simple addition of a few spoonfuls of White Mountain's yogurt each morning.  The results--within a few days, my digestive issues seemed to [be helped], and I have since given my friends a jar of the product when they tell me they are having similar issues.  I didn't know this was possible, but I am glad that I tried it! Thanks White Mountain for keeping it authentic, time tested, and of the highest quality! ─ David


Hello!  I recently discovered your yogurt at my local Sprouts Farmers Market and I am IN LOVE!!!  I've been having some health issues recently, and my doctor put me on a strong dose of probiotics (225 billion).  The only problem is, it's *super* expensive.  One serving of your Bulgarian yogurt contains a large portion of my daily requirement of probiotics and is also low-carb (works perfectly with my keto diet!).  I just wanted to say thank you for making such a healthy, wonderful product.  You have a customer for life! ─ Emily


Hi! I am currently doing the "GAPS" (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) diet and your organic whole milk yogurt is the only yogurt I could find that is approved. Thank you! ─ Hayleigh


My mom has [digestive] Disease and [colon disease] and has been battling small bowel cancer for the past 3 years. With so many intestinal problems her diet is very limited. She recently came out to me for a visit and while she was here I turned her on to your Bulgarian Yogurt and she responded wonderfully to it. ─ Stacey


I just wanted to say how much I love your yogurt. I have been lactose free for many years and found that most yogurts bothered my stomach. I saw your Bulgarian Yogurt at Sprouts and was intrigued. I googled it and based off of the information decided to try it. All that I can say is I am hooked! I love it so much that I typically have it for breakfast and dessert. My stomach actually feels [supported] after I have eaten it. I am definitely spreading the word about how wonderful it is!! Thanks for making such a great product! ─ Nikki


Hello, I was recently diagnosed with [digestive disease] and one of the foods that's ok to eat is 24 hour yogurt. My natural doctor who is helping me through my treatment recommended your yogurt. I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this product (which I purchased at Fresh Market in Miami Beach, FL). It's so hard to find a product with simple ingredients nowadays. Not only is it healthy and beneficial but it also tastes delicious. I will definitely be buying your product again and got another friend from France to purchase your product (she too appreciates the lack of additives in your yogurt!). Thank you again!!! ─ Veronica


I was at the store looking for the kefir my wife had gotten me and something about your whole milk yogurt made me look at it, I was amazed by the number of carbs. I have been fighting with [digestive disease] and [blood disease] that got worse after my kidney transplant. I went keto when I was getting 399 as a fasting blood sugar on 2 different insulins. Your yogurt has helped substantially with the [digestive disease]. I feel like a normal person most days now. Your yogurt is the lowest carb yogurt I can find and that helps me stay low carb and probiotic. I like the jars too. ─ Ed   

I rarely leave reviews, let alone for food products. Lately I've been having digestive issues and have been trying out many different yogurt types. Once I tried the Whole Milk yogurt by White Mountain, I knew I'd be buying this every few days. I'm literally sitting at my computer eating it by the spoonful right now. I feel it's been slowly [helping] my digestive health, and the taste is simply amazing, not to mention such low sugar content and no additives. I doubt I'll ever go without having this in my fridge, both at home and work! ─ Jordan

I LOVE your yogurt.  And I am so addicted.  And in this age of addiction, this is a wonderful one to admit.  Your product is just so wonderful. 


And furthermore, you make a full fat product, which is hard to find.  For seven years I have been battling a rare cancer, and among the problems it has given me has been a difficulty to keep weight on.  Subsequently, I seek the healthiest foods in their fullest format (full fat) without being added to with all sorts of things just to get calories. 


Your product is so gentle on my ailing insides, so nourishing to my needy constitution, and best of all tastes delicious.


If I forgot to say so - THANK YOU! ─ Ang


I just wanted to thank you so much for being a company. You're the first one I've found (after searching 4 years) that makes yogurt that was fermented 24 hour hours. I suffer from [digestive disease] and am currently on the SCD diet. It requires me to hand make my yogurt weekly to maintain proper gut health.


While I have made several batches before, they are inconsistent, require a lot of time and I'm usually low on energy when I do have the time. This leads to me not making it and falling behind on my health.


When I discovered your product in the supermarket I literally yelled out loud "OMG!!". I've never been so happy to see yogurt in my life. Your product is a life saver.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ─ Michael


I have never liked yogurt, but my husband loves White Mountain, and it got me released from the hospital many years ago after major surgery by [supporting] my digestive process. Recently I began eating it every day after years of gastric issues, and it has [helped] my stomach's well-being a lot. ─ Mary

I'm a 26-year-old with a monster of a metabolism. Every morning I would get nauseous, as my stomach would shrink, and hunger turned to discomfort. After reading about probiotics, I started eating hefty doses of your yogurt with granola every morning. The results have been outstanding. Not only is the morning nauseousness [helped], but my ability to digest other foods has noticeably [been supported]. I preach to all my friends about the odd tangy yogurt that helped me get healthy. I've never written to a food company, but you deserve a virtual high-five for making an impact on my health. Thanks! ─ Charles

I have searched for this perfect yogurt since I had an amazing yogurt in Lima, Peru 25 years ago. I happened to stumble upon it when I saw it in the clear glass jar.  After just 2 days I was certain this was not only delicious, it was the healthiest. I recommend your yogurt to all my patients. ─ Carmen, Pediatrician


This is my boyfriend’s absolute favorite product. Because I work in the natural foods industry, he hears a lot about different products I come across, but this has been the one that he can't stop raving about. He suffers with digestive issues occasionally and just a couple of spoonfuls of the yogurt helps almost immediately. We literally have a conversation about your product/company at least a couple times a week! Please keep doing what you're doing:) ─ Haylee


I use Bulgarian Yogurt Probiotic as a result of having had [digestive disease] earlier this year. I love the product because it completely [supports] my problem, eating just one cup every day. ─ Karen


I am a new fan of your Bulgarian yogurt! I had no idea that you guys ferment it for 24 hours because honestly, I'm lactose intolerant and I have no problem whatsoever with your yogurt. I've been eating your yogurt almost every day for 2 weeks and I FEEL a huge difference in my body. I feel really great every time I eat it. I mix mine with organic raw honey and a little granola and it's SO delicious!


Just a suggestion: Not many people know that your Bulgarian yogurt is fermented for 24 hours. I think it would be great if you could put this in HUGE bold lettering right in the front of your jars to differentiate yourselves from all the other mediocre yogurts.

Most people are unaware that Bulgarian yogurt is traditionally fermented for 24 hours and don't realize what a probiotic powerhouse it is! More people need to know about your products because I am officially HOOKED! Please keep doing what you're all doing. You're improving people's health and lives. Thank you, thank you. ─ Liz           


I am currently battling the effects of [digestive disease] after taking a broad-spectrum antibiotic for a sinus infection. Now taking a second antibiotic to counteract the effects of the first antibiotic!! My husband and I shop at HEB in the Vintage Shopping Center on Louetta Road a few miles away from our home. On a recent trip to the grocery store we made an effort to look for a yogurt touting “probiotic” and specifically one with no sweeteners added. I have never been a yogurt eater because I always felt like I was eating spoons full of sugar! It was pure luck (or divine intervention) that I stumbled upon your jar of White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt. Your graphic arts department is to be commended for creating such a fine eye-catching label. I picked up the jar, read the label, and knew that White Mountain was the yogurt for me! I had no idea what to expect from "Bulgarian" yogurt and was surprised by the mildly tart taste. So uniquely different from the 6-pack fruity stuff we've all been fooled into believing is "good" for us!! Adding blueberries to my cup, I am currently enjoying a third jar of White Mountain yogurt in less than two weeks from the day of our original discovery! I have rarely been compelled to offer an opinion on a product, but I just wanted someone to know that your product has given me a sense of power and well-being in an effort to restore my intestinal tract to its former self. : ) I am literally and figuratively your customer for life. Thank you White Mountain! ─ M. White


I discovered your yogurt years ago when I was doing my own experimenting with different brands, comparing taste and nutritional value. This is the best cow's milk yogurt available in my area. I am a physician and I DO recommend it to many of my patients. Keep up the good work! ─ Fred, MD


Just wanted to let you know that I love your yogurt, most especially because it is simple and you don't expand into flavors and other distractions. It is wonderful and totally reminiscent of the wonderful yogurt I've had in Eastern Europe, made by grandmothers who've made it the same way forever. Mostly though I wanted to let you know that for 3 days this week I was in bed with food poisoning struggling with the very unpleasant effects it had on my bowels. When I finally got fed up my wife brought me a container of your yogurt, which I wolfed down in about 20 minutes. I woke up this morning feeling great, stomach [helped], and [supported]. Thank you. Keeping doing what you do. ─ Johnny

Your yogurt is the real deal. The medicinal benefits are noticed after only a couple of days. ─ Zearfoss

I tried your Bulgarian Yogurt.  Absolutely wonderful.  I am lactose intolerant and I no problems with it. ─ Reina

Thank you so much for making fantastic yogurt! Due to mental, spiritual and health issues I have not been able to enjoy dairy for the last 10 years, a fellow farmer introduced me to your yogurt a few weeks ago and I have devoured GALLONS since, THANK YOU! perhaps larger quantities? ─ Jessie


I have suffered with Stomach Problems relating to Digestion and [digestive disease] just about my whole life. I have tried many different products and was in need of finding something that worked to relieve this problem that I was not allergic to due to many food allergies. I purchased some of the White Mountain Bulgarian No-Fat Yogurt and after the first day of eating about 1 cup [it helped] the severe stomach upset that I usually got after eating. It seems to [help] my stomach so it does not hurt or stick out from being constipated. I am very happy to have found it and will refer it to my friends, family and clients. Kind Regards, ─ Janet B., Nutritionist, LMT.

I would like to tell you that our outdoor kitty, Squeaky, had a green and runny bowel problem. I was drinking a smoothie I made from the Bulgarian Yogurt and gave some to the kitty and she drank it. I have given her a smoothie now for 5 days for lunch [which supported her] miraculous recovery. My wife, kitty and I enjoy the yogurt. ─ Rick

Just wanted to let you know how much I love your whole milk (Premium) yogurt - There is absolutely nothing else on the market that comes close to the quality of your product!


Personally, I like to use the yogurt on baked or grilled sweet potatoes (I love the contrast between the two flavors - tart yogurt and sweet potato - Yum!), plus I use about a cup of it to make my daily smoothie. 


I've been eating your yogurt for about 10 years, and I firmly believe that it's my consistent use of your high-quality product that has helped keep me healthy.  I recently turned 50, I rarely fall ill from colds or flu, I don't take any prescription drugs, I don't have any anything, and all my levels (Cholesterol, sugar, etc.) are well within the normal range.


Keep up the great work - I want to still be eating your yogurt when I turn 100! ─ Monica

Our family has used this yogurt for years now and helped us tremendously with all sorts of health issues; [help with] stomach pain, regularity, [supported many other health issues] as well as a great food for everyday mix with gem if you prefer sweet with fruit.  We are originally from Romania and our yogurt back home is just like this one.  We wanted to commend you on your work as a company and dedication in providing good quality food to Texas. ─ Georgiana

White Mountain Yogurt [helped] my CAT!  A few years ago, I adopted what looked like a happy 6-week-old orphaned kitten. Turns out he had chronic [digestive disease], and shortly after bringing him home he began to lose weight. The vet tested him for every imaginable ailment and offered little hope. We spent over $2,000 trying to keep him alive, but still he showed no signs of improvement. A friend mentioned that I should give him White Mountain yogurt. I started giving him one teaspoon in a plastic syringe three times a day. After just a few days I began to notice the [supporting effects with the] [digestive disease]. The yogurt helped replenish the supply of beneficial bacteria and [helped] his intestines. Today he is a healthy cat around 5 years old who brings nothing but joy into my home.  Many thanks to the people at White Mountain for making such a healthy and wonderful product!! ─ Jerry the Cat and Sonya


Your yogurt is absolutely the best on the market. It is a staple in my diet. I consume three gallons a week to help manage chronic intestinal yeast overgrowth subsequent to the autoimmune condition from which I suffer, celiac sprue (gluten intolerance). ─ Dianna


I have had radical stomach and intestine surgery for cancer plus am undergoing chemotherapy. Your yogurt has a calming effect on my digestive tract and I consume about a pint a day. ─ Tom


I wanted to post a shout out to this amazing product from a great, family company in Austin, Texas! My 84-year-old mother, who has Parkinson’s disease, eats two tablespoons every day to help with her digestion problems due to medication for her disease. It helps her nausea and she loves it! We also give a tablespoon to our aging husky who has skin issues, due to his metabolizing problems, and he is doing so much better. Our Colorado family loves this product AND it has helped us feel better:):) Thank you White Mountain!! ─ Anne


The whole milk yogurt is what I buy all the time.  I use it in smoothies, dips, with granola, honey and wheat germ...pretty much a daily food intake. It has helped me with digestion tremendously.  You have a good product.  :) I have tried a lot of yogurts and have stayed with your product. ─ Lisa

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Authentic Bulgarian Yogurt

“My name is Georgi, and I’m originally from Bulgaria. I just want to thank you for the great Bulgarian yogurt you are making! I would say it’s better even than the yogurt from my own country! Thank you!” – Georgi


“This product stands for its name! I’m from Bulgaria, and I’m big on my yogurt.  I’ve been living in the States for more than ten years and haven’t been eating yogurt ’cause nothing on the supermarket shelves that is labeled “yogurt” tastes the way it should. A few years ago, I discovered the organic White Mountain Bulgarian yogurt and, trust me, it tastes exactly the way my mother makes it. There’s nothing better on the market.” – Ivaylo


“Best yogurt on the market, I dare say, because I’m born in Bulgaria, and it is even better than what you can find in the Bulgarian market.” – Simo

I just wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation of your product! I've been eating your Bulgarian yogurt, purchased from New Seasons Market in Portland, Oregon, for over a year now and it makes my dreams come true! I lived in Bulgaria for two years, 2010-2012, and one of the things that I miss the most is the yogurt. I've been eating your product 5 days a week since I discovered it, and I just saw your recipe for banitza on your website. I want you to know how thankful I am to have Bulgarian yogurt in the US, and hope you make it forever! Thanks so much always for your fantastic yogurt. Laura

My Bulgarian husband looked for months to find what he calls real yogurt when he got to the USA. And when we found yours. He was so happy. We buy it regularly! Wendy

I just stumbled upon your Bulgarian yogurt and was taken back to my childhood! Growing up in Italy, yogurt was always plain and a bit sour, nothing like the oversugared chemical-tasting food most people called yogurt in the U.S.! Thank you so much White Mountain for making the real thing! I will be a customer for Life! Claudia

Oooo. Boy.....every spoon of this yogurt brings me back to Bulgaria and my Grandma , where she still making homemade yoghurt. Hands down best on the market. Vasil

I’m glad I have finally found yogurt tasting just as good as the traditional Bulgarian yogurt I’m accustomed to. I’m born and raised Bulgarian and I find this yogurt to be excellent in taste. Needless to say, I will be a customer for as long as you keep this product on the market. Katya 

Best yogurt around! Love the true authentic style of the bulgarian yogurt. Healthy and delicious! Julie

Tried the Bulgarian yogurt at Natural Products Expo West last weekend and can confirm: tastes like childhood! Which was organic, by the way. Olya

Congratulations!!! I’m Bulgarian and I can say the yogurt is really good!!! – Evelyn

We bought it because our Bulgarian High school exchange student was homesick a bit. She always says it taste like home. Thank you for such a high quality product. And thank you for making her year even better! – Cherie

White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt (full fat) is the best Yogurt I’ve ever tasted in my 70+ years. I’m not paid to say this nor do I have any affiliation with any dairy company. The Yogurt is just plain good old fashioned Yogurt with flavor that is straight out of Heaven. BTW, I’m of Greek Heritage and I know something about Yogurt. Fage is wonderful. Home Made is great. But White Mountain is Heavenly !!!!! – Johnny

I was adopted as an infant and just learned that my birth family was Bulgarian on my mother’s side. Now I find this wonderful Bulgarian yogurt in my local supermarket and love it! A chance to return to my roots that I never knew. Thank you!  Holly

I’d like to congratulate you for the wonderful products that you making and especially my favorite Whole Milk Organic Bulgarian Yogurt. I recently purchased this yogurt from Sprouts Farmers Market in Las Vegas and I was impressed. I’m 100 % born Bulgarian and this yogurt exceeds my expectation. Starting from taste to packaging in a jar, this is a real Bulgarian yogurt which I grow up with. Thank you, White Mountain Company. – Ivelina

Best and most authentic Bulgarian yogurt I have had here and it goes great on my venison and bison Sarma. – Michael

I would like to thank you for making my favorite food the way I remember it from when I was growing up. After 13 years in USA living in multiple locations across the country and having tried almost all brands of yogurt produced I finally found the real thing again. I have even tried making my own and still yours is better. My entire family likes it. As a Bulgarian I might be prejudiced but I believe Bulgarian yogurt is tastier and healthier for you than any other yoghurt available on the market. Please keep up the great work. – Rositsa

I am originally from Bulgaria, so I know what REAL yogurt tastes like. Your yogurt is the best. I have a jar a day. Thank you! – Tina

Hello. I have been eating your Yogurt products for some time now. I am Bulgarian and i have ate yogurt ever since i was 1 year old. Mostly our yogurt was made of milk from our farm..all natural and homemade.  I have tried maybe 50 different brands of yogurt on the market. By far i can tell that your products are the best ones i have ever taste and experienced. The yogurt you made is the best on the market and it feels to me it has superb effect on the stomach. And the taste is pretty much exactly as the taste of the homemade yogurt my grandmother made for all those years. Keep the best work. Thanks – Georgi

I am Bulgarian and this is the best yogurt you can find in the US that gets so close to the original Bulgarian taste and offers healthy benefits - live Lactobacillus bulgaricus bacteria - probiotics so important for the digestive system that you can’t find in other yogurt brands. And of course very happy White Mountain Foods is advertising the brand, such a great product that needs a little media push and good branding. Love the new packaging. Great job! #BulgarianYogurt #WhiteMountainFoods #Probiotics – Anastasia

The best yogurt, tastes just like it used to back in Bulgaria. – Gueorgui

The best!!! Tastes like home! Thank you WM! Happy Holidays! – Albena

The yogurt of White Mountain Foods is my time machine! It gives me the chance to go back in the time each time I eat yogurt- get me back to my childhood when the yogurt in Bulgaria was authentic. Thank you for being in Austin!!!! – Angel 

I'm from Albania and finally found the yogurt…that tastes RIGHT. – Ervin

Yes, everyone testifies to the nutritional benefits of WM Yogurt. This is obvious....but I have worked as a chef/cook for about 35 years in some of the best fine dining facilities. For flavor, consistency, and authenticity...there is no comparison to White Mountain Yogurt. I have traveled extensively in India, spent time in Spain, and spent quite a bit of time in Eastern Europe.....authentic yogurt, I'm afraid to say, is not so easy to find internationally. We have the real deal here in Texas.....and it's readily available. There is a negative to White Mountain Yogurt though. Once one is accustomed to White Mountain Yogurt....none other will do. No (yes, none!) other yogurt has the flavor, the consistency, the authenticity, and most importantly...digestibility. The irony....yours is probably the easiest to produce with the least amount of ingredients….Thank you. – Don

I must admit, this is the first time that I have ever been so impressed by a product that I wanted to give a testimonial. We had the privilege of living in the beautiful country of Bulgaria for two and a half years. Because of this, we became quite accustomed to eating the yogurt produced there. Since being back for a little over a year we have tried many "Bulgarian" imitations but they all pale in comparison to yours. When I tasted it today for the first time, I was utterly amazed. The taste is very authentic. I was almost brought back to the country itself. Thank you so much for making this wonderful yogurt and giving us a taste of Bulgaria in America!! – John and Laura

My name is Petko and I am Bulgarian. I have been here (USA) for only 1 year and a half and almost lost hope to find any good yogurt and cheese in Texas. I went to Fiesta store near my flat and I was shocked...there was Bulgarian Yogurt on the shelf! I bought one and couldn't wait to get home to try it. When I took a spoon from it...HOLY MOTHER!!! It brought me back to my country. I even thought some Bulgarian family who live in Austin make it. I am surprised! Carry on mates! – Petko

I am Bulgarian and have grown up on bulgarian yogurt, my grandparents are farmers and still own farms and produce yogurt in Bulgaria, so it was to my pleasant surprise to discover your product in Whole Foods. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first but the taste of your yogurt is superior to any yogurt I have had since coming to this country in 1993. I have grown up on raw milk yogurt and cheeses from only grass fed cows, sheep and buffaloes, and the yogurt you offer is almost identical. Thank you and your company for this amazing food and please continue doing what you are doing! – Vera 

Hello! I am Bulgarian! I cannot describe to you my surprise and excitement whenever I saw the Bulgarian yogurt in the store 2 weeks ago. My husband is an American, we got married almost 3 years ago in Bulgaria and since Jan 2009 I live in the States. Foods, fruit and vegetables in Bulgaria are organic, clean and GMO free. Yogurt is essential for us Bulgarians because of its fantastic qualities and benefits for the body and there is no home in Bulgaria that doesn't have yogurt in the refrigerator every day! This whole time while in the USA I have been miserable and have been missing Bulgarian food and cuisine. And that is because I didn't know about you. So I went to HEB to get some yogurt and was so sad that again I have to buy something that only says yogurt on the label (but contains no real yogurt) and actually is stuffed with preservatives and things that can kill you! Something made me move my eyes and they stopped on a glass jar...saying Bulgarian yogurt! Here in Texas? I couldn't believe my eyes! I was so excited and emotional; people must have thought I am crazy! Thank you so much for making my life here a lot brighter! Your yogurt is great! I am pregnant and I thank you on behalf of my baby too, because she will be fed Bulgarian yogurt before she was born and that means alot to us! – Alexandra

I'm Bulgarian and Bulgarians are well known to be very picky when it comes to yogurt, fruits, and veggies. My all Bulgarian family and I are living in Orange County, California, and we were so happy when we found White Mountain's Bulgarian Yogurt at Mother's Market. I can say that it is for sure better than the original due to the fact that White Mountain strives on quality and authenticity and not focusing on profit and mass production like producers back in Bulgaria. – Nikolay

Your yogurt is unsurpassed!!! I was born in Bulgaria but have lived in the US for 15 years. I don't miss many foods except our yogurt and I have never been able to find the right one here. That is until I found yours at Whole Foods while visiting CO this winter. Since we were driving, I even convinced my husband to pack up a few jars to bring home with us to CA. My stash is now gone only a few days later and I will not rest until my local Whole Foods starts carrying this product. If there is anything you can do to help me get your product in the SF Bay Area I will be eternally grateful. – Milena

A few days ago, I shopped at Wild Oats in Overland Park, Kansas, and by lucky chance saw the big jar with "Bulgarian Yogurt" label on it. I was thrilled. I have lived in the US for the past 10 years, and have desperately missed our yogurt. I bought two jars and have since been eating yogurt with every meal. I tipped off my sister who also lives here and we are planning all kinds of yogurt dishes: cold yogurt soup with cucumbers, yogurt salad, not to mention that as Bulgarians, we appreciate yogurt with any kind of food: particularly meats, cheese, olives, yogurt on rice casseroles, yogurt on moussaka, stuffed bell peppers. It is so wonderful to feel at home away from home: Thank you! You can be sure we will be among your most regular customers. – Rossitsa

Hello, I am a Bulgarian living in the US and I thank you for bringing the best yogurt in the world to this continent (which is not easy). – Ivan

I just bought my first jars of White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt at the Harvestime Foods on Lawrence in Chicago, Illinois. The best Bulgarian product I've had outside of Bulgaria! I look forward to buying many more! – Iveta

I am Bulgarian, but I have lived in the USA for the past 12 years. I was born and raised on yogurt (plain). My family (3 of us eat yogurt) would buy 4 pints every other day in Bulgaria! So when I moved to the USA yogurt was one thing I really missed. I have not been able to find real yogurt in the USA even thought I have tried a lot of the popular brands - they all taste a little too sweet, a little plastic flavor, just not right. Then a friend told me about the Organic Bulgarian Yogurt by White Mountain. I am so glad I heard about it! This is the best yogurt you can find, great authentic tart flavor, the right thickness. I love the Whole milk yogurt. Thank you so much for having it on the market even though I have to drive more 60 miles to stock up on it. – Radina

My name is Stefan, and I am originally from Sofia, Bulgaria. I currently live in Chicago, IL, and yesterday I had the chance to buy and try your Whole Milk Bulgarian Yogurt. Best yogurt I have had in a very long time. I know yogurt, and I am extremely picky when it comes to good, Bulgarian-type yogurt. There are a lot of choices out there, including expensive ones sold by Whole Foods Market, but the one that you make is really a step above the rest, and it is as close as it gets to a good, original yogurt that you can try in Bulgaria. Congratulations! – Stefan

I've just tasted your organic Bulgarian yogurt and I'm shocked!!! It's magic! It sent me back in my childhood when my grandma was home making such a good and natural taste yogurt (I'm Bulgarian). I've tasted Bulgarian yogurt in many countries in the world (England, France, Italy, Russia.....) but they were not even close. And now with very big surprise I found out that you are not close too, you're perfect!!!!! Even in Bulgaria today it's difficult to find such a good real yogurt taste, they start to make it very bad quality and we left the symbol of our country in our childhood. Anyway, I just want to thank you for this full of emotions afternoon with your yogurt!!! I finished it all! Very, very well done to you!!! I wish you all the best and good luck with your business! Thank you. – Vanya

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“I was shopping in Stop & Shop in Sparta, New Jersey, and found your Bulgarian yogurt (non-GMO, organic WHOLE milk). It’s delicious, just as I remember when I was a kid growing up in what was Czechoslovakia.” – Marika


“Hi. A Sprouts market just opened in Redlands, California. I went there to check it out and found your yogurt, and being of Eastern European descent, it piqued my interest. I bought it, and it is fantastic!” – Margaret 


“My husband and I have been buying your yogurt for probably a couple of years. He is Swedish, and your yogurt is the closest to the plain yogurt you can get in Sweden; it has enough bite. I love it because it is natural (two ingredients!) and full of good probiotics! - Nancy


“I am of Lebanese descent. My grandmother and my mother made homemade yogurt with a live active starter that was kept in the fridge from the previous batch. I am talking about this because YOUR yogurt is exactly like the yogurt I make, my mother made, and my grandmother made. I cannot believe it.” – Bernadette


“I recently moved to Houston from the Bay Area, California, and tried out your yogurt. It is really exceptional, and our entire family is pleased, including my toddlers and my mother, who has very strict standards based on making her own yogurt growing up in India.” – Sarat


“My friend, who is also my doctor, turned me on to your amazing yoghurt three years ago, and I have never bought any other yoghurt since (except when I’ve been in France!)” – Cristina


“I love this yogurt! My morning go-to with fresh berries and a splash of raw honey! Reminds me of the yogurt growing up in Spain and Germany!” – Veronika


“I was in a store called For Goodness Sake and thought I might just try the yogurt. This is by far the best yogurt I have ever tasted, and I have bought a lot of yogurt. Everything about this yogurt is pure perfection. I am now a White Mountain Yogurt consumer. PS. Love the fact that I can recycle the jar.” – Cathleen


“I LOVE your yogurt! It’s the only kind I will eat; none of the others have any flavor to me anymore. Thanks.” – Ann


Thank you for making a great product and for getting it on the shelves at my local HEB.” – Nancy


“Yummy in my tummy! Different than what I’m used to and tastes wonderful. Will try in savory dishes.” – Ryan


“I was specifically looking for a fat-free, low-sugar yogurt/probiotic. I found White Mountain Bulgarian probiotic at my local HEB. It tastes really good. I shall buy this brand from now on. Added bonus, it’s from Austin, Texas, and it’s always encouraging to support local businesses. Thank you.” – Joanne


“So I LOVE your Bulgarian yogurt. I get the whole milk and alternate between organic and regular. I drive to my nearest Sprouts to stock up on your yogurt.” Brandy


“I have been eating the yogurt for a long time now and just love it! Thanks for such a great product!” – Dianne


“It is simply the very best you can buy in the US. I’m a huge fan.” – Ann


“I found your organic Bulgarian yogurt in Lancaster, Pennsylvania! Love the tartness and no sugar. Amazing flavor!” – Lyril


“We would love to be able to order your yogurt online as we buy it in such massive quantities! Best Bulgarian yogurt by far.” – Delyan


“Bulgarian yogurt rocks!” – Holly


“I love your full-fat yogurt. It’s the only yogurt I can tolerate!” – Elenora


“THANK YOU over and over again for your WONDERFUL yogurt. It’s so delicious and so healthy. I am over-the-moon happy that I found your yogurt. Just can’t thank you enough. Thank you also for caring about us and our staying healthy.” – Claire


“Always in my fridge! Thank you!” – Mary


“I’ve only tried the Bulgarian probiotic. I only bought it because it had my little butterfly symbol and because it was glass. I LOVE IT! I have to try the whole milk next!” – Belinda


“My favorite yogurt, made in Austin, Texas. I can’t stand that trendy Greek junk.” Carol


“This is the only yogurt my body can tolerate right now! I love it so much.” Molly 


“We love your yogurt and the glass bottles you package your product in. Thanks for a fantastically healthy product.” – Leona


“Finally, somebody made yogurt! Thank you, and keep up the good work.” Farhad


“I just wanted to send you a quick note that I love your yogurt. I discovered it several weeks ago at the Festival Foods Store I shop, and it is the only yogurt product I now buy. I love that it has a high level of probiotics, nothing artificial, and it tastes great! Thank you!” – Ilona


“Habitat Suites serves your Greek yogurt on the breakfast buffet. On our weekend stay in Austin a couple weeks ago I quickly became addicted! I took a quick trip back to Austin last week to pick up my daughter from UT. Stopped by the Wheatsville Coop and was so excited to find a very large container of Bulgarian yogurt! It also is delicious!” – Chesley


“I was a Siggis fan until I discovered your yogurt at a local Green Valley grocer. I love the texture and taste and that it comes in a recyclable glass container. I am now a fan! Keep up the good work.” – Marcia


“I just wanted you to know I LOVE your yogurt! Thank you SO much for providing an amazing product. My family and I love that it’s just as good as homemade—the texture and probiotics and flavor. :) We get the big size from HEB. Thank you, thank you!” – Camille

Thank you so much for your wonderful yogurt. I love it. It takes me back to when I was a child on a farm in Virginia in the 1970’s (a commune, Springtree, in Scottesville); we had two milking cows and we had fresh milk every day and of course made not only butter but this style of yogurt. I have tried a lot of different kinds of yogurt over the years but never found anything as close to ours until I discovered yours. I have it every day with my cereal.  I also like your jars; I reuse those. Thank you again for such a great product. Jennifer

My health has never been better. It tastes better. Nothing compares! Bobby

I love your yogurt!! I’m so happy I tried it. Thank you PCC Natural Markets for carrying it. Thank you White Mountain Heidi

Been buying their [White Mountain Foods] yogurt at Whole Foods and Central Market for over 20 years. It’s the best I’ve ever had. Can’t recommend it enough!!! Especially nice with Indian food and to make raitas or lassi with or just devour out of the jar. I am not a Greek yogurt fan, too thick and bitter, and all those unnecessary ingredients and thickeners... yuck! My indulgence is buying the whole milk yogurt, but the non-fat is just as as delicious.  Lili 

I fed my 7 month old some yogurt for the first time yesterday. I was looking for unsweetened whole milk yogurt throughout the town and finally found white mountain at fresh market. I like it is in a glass jar instead of a plastic one. The first bite got the little one! Then I mixed it with mashed banana and he loved it! Baby doesn’t need any sugary yogurt. Plain is all that they need! Love white mountain. Xiaofen

I’m so glad I found your yogurt. I think many people like myself have no idea what yogurt is really supposed to taste like. We’ve all grown so accustomed to additives and processed food we’ve lost sight of what basic healthy eating means. I also appreciate the choice of it being in glass versus plastic. This is now part of my morning breakfast every day and for other recipe uses. Thank you.  Laura

This whole milk Bulgarian yogurt is the best! Nothing like eating my yogurt out of glass, too! Thank you!! Erin

First found and bought this plain whole Bulgarian yogurt IN A GORGEOUS GLASS JAR in Berryvale Natural Foods store in Mt. Shasta City, California!!!! IT IS AMAAAAZING - delicious - perfect with my fruit and nuts in the mornings!! IT IS PACKAGED IN A BADASS GLASS JAR!!!! There were even little tiny jars for single servings. To be able to recycle the glass and know it hasn’t absorbed all sorts of hell from plastic containers makes me so happy! I AM SO SO GRATEFUL TO WHITE MOUNTAIN!!!! Keep up the EXCELLENT work!! Michelle

Where has this yogurt been my whole life?! It is so tangy and delicious, I can’t stop eating it!! – Jennifer

Best yogurt ever , I have been looking for something like this for over ten years. – Theo

By far the best yogurt in the market! Very tasty, perfect texture, delicious! – Lilly

Best yogurt I have ever tasted! Amazing!! Keep it up!! – Morgan

The Bulgarian yogurt is mine and my family’s favorite! We smash fruit and a little agave in if we’re feelin’ frisky! Thank you for making such an honest, delicious product! – Natashah

I use White Mountain yogurt it in my smoothies daily! So good! – Aislynn

The BEST Yogurt!!!! GLASS container!!! Organic!!! No sugar added!!! Probiotics!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! – Rosy

My mom always bought this yogurt and I buy it too! :-) Delicious and healthy! – Jamie 

Best flavor! Makes great sauce on middle eastern foods and tacos! – Wendy

Only kind of yogurt I buy... the best! – Jessica

They use to carry this at my local Sunflower Market and now it is gone when Sprouts took over. I honestly CRAVE their yogurt. The texture is perfect, not thick, not too runny. Same for the right amount of tart n’ sweet balance. Such an amazing product!  Dana

I bought it at the Queen health food emporium because I like the jar it was in and I love yogurt with probiotics in it. I was amazed at the taste. It’s been my favorite yogurt ever since. – Bobby

What can i say about your yogurt? why, it’s simply the best...better than all the rest! – Tami Lynn 

The best!!! Keep up the good work. Huge fan – Rado

White Mountain Yogurt makes me happy. – Jeanne

Today i am making food for a family baby shower. I use White Mountain for dips and a yummy yogurt bar with fresh fruit and granola. White Mountain and fun food goes together.  Monica

My favorite! Lots of uses, makes dishes rich tasting, loves the gut!  Fran

I just discovered your Bulgarian yogurt at Fresh Market in Louisville KY a couple of months ago. Finally a yogurt that tastes like how it used to taste. I’m addicted. – Kay

I have been looking for yogurt just like this since my trip to the Provence France, This is the closest I have found to what they had in France. Best yogurt no sugar and fillers and low in calories. – Susan

I make several Middle Eastern Dishes ( Haswah and Maftoul ) and I serve them with your Bulgarian Yogurt. It TRULY brings them to the next level. EVERYONE I have served this to loves it. It brings a sort of Lemon/Tartness that is perfection. This is by far the most delicious yogurt I’ve ever had and wanted to take the time to tell you how much my family loves it. It’s so good that I won’t even consider cooking those dishes unless I have at least 2 jars of it in my refrigerator. – Barry B


So I love, love, love this yogurt. I just so happen to run across it at my local Kroger. I had been looking and searching for a yogurt that I can have that is low in carbs and sugar. I have been Keto since November of 2016 and other yogourts are too high in both. I am so a white mountain fan, I just add blueberries and walnuts and pomegranate salad topper and I can eat this alllll day. My only issue is that I go through this yogurt super fast and it only lasts me 2 or 3 days and that’s with the big jar I recently found at Sprouts on 22506 Tomball Pkwy, Houston, tx who had the 32oz jar YAY!! and also at Kroger.  I even called the company to see if I could order online. – Adeaner

I just tried your Bulgarian yogurt for the first time a few days ago. I found it at King Soopers. It was the plain, non-fat Bulgarian yogurt. It was a wonderful surprise--really fresh, delicious, real. You know when you are eating it that the probiotics are alive. I do not like the thick, Greek style. Also, I don’t like all the other ingredients that make some yogurts a tasty dessert but less real or healthful. Thank you for making real yogurt that tastes so fresh and actually has active cultures which most yogurts do not, including brands that charge a premium for their probiotic content. I am probably an anomaly, an omnivore who simply tries to eat a low saturated fat diet, balanced, greens, not much salt or sugar, etc. I don’t get along with the crazies at the health food stores. Since I was a teenager very long ago, my mother gave us tablespoons of fresh, liquid acidophilus daily. So, the moment I tasted your yogurt I knew what I was eating. Again, thanks for a superior product – Glen

I’ve been buying and eating your Bulgarian yogurt for several years now (and enthusiastically recommending to friends). This morning I opened a new jar and it was so especially delicious that I am doing something I’ve never done before - writing to thank a far away food manufacturer for producing such a good product. Thank you!  Alison

I tried your Organic Bulgarian Yogurt Probiotic for the first time. The product was very tasty and I combined it organic honey and it was delicious. Sometimes, I added raisins, dried cranberries. I like how it lasted a long time. – Wannie

Thank you so much for making a real yoghurt without all the extra sweetners added. This is the same as what I had in France for a couple of years way back, and never had been able to find here - the real thing. Also knowing that the cultures are all live and will benefit me greatly is another important aspect.  Elaine


I recently found your product and began eating it regularly. I have had some trouble finding it in stock at the store I shop most often (Market Street) so I went on your website to see if there were other stores nearby that carry your product. I see that it is available in several stores near me including the Whole Foods across the street from Market Street. I read the testimonials with interest. I always use taste as the primary factor (and usually the only factor) in rating food products and if the product has other good qualities then so much the better. Your Bulgarian yogurt is fantastic. It tastes better and fresher than any other yogurt I have eaten. I usually eat it with fruit and occasionally with some artificial sweetener. I read that someone sweetens it with honey and I may try that too. Kudos to your staff for making a truly great product. – Dan

This yogurt is amazing! I had never heard of it before, and when I was shopping at the HEB in Round Rock (on University Blvd.) recently, I noticed it in the dairy section. Bought some and I just eat it right out of the jar! Yum, yum, yum..... – Shawna

Love your 24 hour Bulgarian whole fat yogurt. Just a note to say keep up the good work! (I buy it at New Seasons grocery story.) Hurray for you! – Perrin

We found your WONDERFUL foods in Fresh Market in Lynchburg, VA where we go to buy hard to find health food items.  I usually buy several jars of the Organic, Whole Milk Bulgarian yogurt and we LOVE it. – Professor George W.

Thanks for the great yogurt. We buy a gallon a week for smoothies. It has made a huge difference in our health. – Vanessa 

Without a doubt, the purest, most traditional, genuine yogurt that can be found. Fresh, living good bacterias for the gut! The very best yogurt! Been using it since the early ‘80s and I’ve seen lots of brands come and go, but this is the best. Period. – Laurice

I just found your yogurt!!! YUM!!! Thank you for creating this deliciousness and getting it all the way to St. Pete, FL! – Cindy 

I no longer have the time to make my own yogurt (which I fermented for 24 hours) - White Mountain tastes just like it. No better commercial yogurt to be found.  Colleen

It’s been my “go to” yoghurt for years. I love the whole milk version, SO good. I love the not-too-sweet, natural flavor. When I had rescued racing greyhounds I added a cup to their dry kibble as a special treat to help them with digestion, so they wouldn’t be “gassy” (which makes a huge difference when they live indoors with the humans). – JoLynn

This yogurt is the best on the planet. It’s the REAL thing! It also has the 2 most powerful probiotic strains for the human body. B. Lactis BB12 for the big intestine and Acidophilus LA5 for the small intestine. Very powerful strains to colonize the gut. – Keith

Hands down the BEST, most natural tasting yogurt I’ve ever had. Totally obsessed. – Maya 

I was lucky enough to find the low fat version at my whole Foods in Ksilua Hawaii last week. It’s wonderful. Low fat is not my preference. I’m hoping they carry the whole milk version. I went to your web site, I’m very impressed. I will continue to be a customer and let my family and friends in on this wonderful product. Keep it coming. The fact that it’s non GMO and organic and grass fed put it on the top of the list! – Carol

I’ve progressed from sweet vanilla low-fat yogurt to the full-on White Mountain Bulgarian. Just got my first jar last weekend and love it. Right out of the jar or mixed with some fresh fruit salad. – Kevin

I was thrilled to find a yogurt without all the extra additives. Your Bulgarian yogurt is great! I cant wait to try the greek yogurt also. – Kelly

I just purchased your Bulgarian Yogurt from Sprouts in Huntsville, AL. I went there to buy some Greek Yogurt but selected your brand instead primarily because it was stored in a glass jar. I have been taking some antibiotics so felt I needed some strong probiotics. I mixed it with a few chopped blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries. It was fantastic. I like that it does not have the cane sugars etc. and I can add only as much fruit as I feel is healthy. - Bill

I have been eating/drinking your yogurt since the early 90s and love it love it love it. I know trends have come and gone and your yogurt is still the yummiest most satisfying on the market. Thank you for providing such a quality and consistent product!!! Cile

Best yogurt I have found! Tastes homemade! – Joan-Dave


Delicious! First gave it to my daughter when she was 1. She’s 3 now and it remains her favorite – Amber

I have always loved this yogurt, I add my own fruit and it still tastes like yogurt. I don’t like most of the yogurts today because they do everything they can to make it not taste like yogurt. I was in Bulgaria recently and learned that the Bulgarian culture used for this yogurt is special because it is a naturally occurring bacillus found in the air there. It is peculiar to that area and most Bulgarians make their own yogurt from it. Aren’t they lucky! – Judy

White Mountain makes the very best Yogurt in the USA. No 1. YES. – Johnny

Merry Christmas! Thank you for the best Bulgarian yogurt on the planet! – Pavlina

l Love your yogurt and your philosophy! Made the pumpkin pie recipe this Xmas, was yummy! – Alice

I tried your Bulgarian yogurt. Absolutely wonderful. I am lactose intolerant and I had no problems with it. – Reina

I was in Dallas a few months ago at a Whole Foods Store. I purchased two 16oz jars of White Mountain Premium Bulgarian Yogurt with live acidophilus. This is no doubt the best yogurt that I have ever eaten.– La Vern

A few years ago I was looking for a true yogurt and couldn't believe I finally found what I was looking for! Majority of the so called "yogurts" in the dairy section shouldn't be allowed to claim it's a yogurt product with all the stuff they put in it. Love White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurts; keep up the good work and don't ever stop!!! – Emily

Thank you so much for making fantastic yogurt! Due to mental, spiritual, and health issues I have not been able to enjoy dairy for the last 10 years. A fellow farmer introduced me to your yogurt a few weeks ago and i have devoured GALLONS since. THANK YOU! Perhaps larger quantities? – Jessie

Two years ago I mustered the courage to try the non-fat Bulgarian yogurt at Whole foods. Those were the best $4 I ever spent. Ever since then I consume a gallon a week. I love the taste, consistency, healthy feeling of consuming this yogurt. Thank you WMF for a healthy and natural source of protein. – Jeetu

I love your yogurt and eat no other kind now. I finally decided to look you up online, and now I'm thinking I need to head up to Austin to see you, ASAP—I had no idea you had other products. – Carl

We were graciously gifted a gallon of non-fat Bulgarian yogurt through a local food bank. We are HOOKED! We are a family of six, so that gallon is used up well. :) – Debi

I love your yogurt. Please do not ever use the disgusting thickeners and chemical additives that all the other brands have. – Spero

I love your yogurt and I feel great about serving it to my children. The yogurt also makes awesome yogurt cheese and I use the whey to lacto-ferment healthy foods for my kids. Thanks for being a standard purchase! – Carmen

My son eats your yogurt every day for breakfast, plain. It's been his favorite food since he started eating solid foods two years ago. He loves it! We buy the gigantic tubs every couple of weeks. Thanks for making a good healthy product! – Lauri

Had always heard about WM yogurt and finally picked some up on a whim. Oh. My. Goodness! It is so good; tangy, creamy, rich but not jello like most yogurts out there. I love that it is actually the lowest carb yogurt that I can find. Will be making some frozen yogurt this weekend and can't wait :) – Alex

As someone who has lived in the Balkan, finding your Bulgarian yogurt was amazing! It has the tartness I came to love over there. I can’t wait to try it with burek! Cassidy

Thank you for the coupons you sent me for the yogurt. I recommend your yogurt to my fellow WAPF followers—we care a lot about healthy organic probiotics and I love it that you use jars instead of plastic! – Zoei

I like it because it's real yogurt, not that sugary dessert crap from the grocery stores. I've eaten the real stuff in Europe, so I know how real yogurt is suppose to taste. Thanks, – Sam

I found your Bulgarian yogurt at my local grocery store and decided to give it a whirl. It was some of the best yogurt I've ever tasted and now it's the only yogurt I buy. I use it all the time to make delicious fruit salads. Thank you so much for making it! – Mary

Last week I was briskly walking out of the grocery store when I "saw" a jar out of the corner of my eye. It was White Mountain Yogurt. I picked it up and felt impressed to purchase it although I had yogurt at home and didn't need any more. I rarely write "testimonials" but knew I must after my first bowl of White Mountain Yogurt. It is by far the best I have ever had. In fact, straight out of the jar, it is hard to stop eating! Remarkable! My children grew up in Los An before we moved to Colorado. Always aware of healthy eating habits, I rarely gave my children processed sweets or white sugar. One day a neighbor brought by some strawberries from her garden. When I gave them to my children for lunch they exclaimed, "I thought you said we couldn't put sugar on our strawberries!" The strawberries were so sweet, the children thought I had sprinkled sugar on top! Actually, it made me sad to think that most children don't get to experience the joy of fresh vegetables and fruits. I am reminded of that story when I eat White Mountain Yogurt. It tastes pure, sweet and fresh! What a joy! Thank you and I hope many others feel "impressed" to stop and pick up a jar. Please don't change your process. – Donna

I just finished my breakfast of buckwheat pancakes topped with almond butter, homemade applesauce and your yogurt (I gotta watch my sugar intake, so pancakes made w/agave and your yogurt w/applesauce makes it all quite tasty!). I wanted to let you know that THE reason I buy your yogurt is because of your glass jars and I hope you never go to plastic. I've been consciously using plastic sparingly for years, but one day I began to wonder if plastic yogurt container businesses put the warm milk or the warm yogurt directly in the plastic to set. Yuck! So I had another reason to buy yours. And your yogurt tastes good, too! – Loanne 

I've been a quasi-vegetarian (some fish), natural-foods eater for nearly 40 years, and I love yogurt. For years I'd been eating Brown Cow flavored yogurts, and was quite content. Then, after some antibiotics for a toothache, I picked up a quart of your yogurt for something powerful to restore the good bacteria. Wow! Ohmygod! MMMM!! This stuff is great. It's so, uh, tangy. It tastes so ... real. So ... basic. It's ... delicious. Haven't had any Brown Cow in over a year now, except once or twice for a quick snack on the road. Okay, it's edible, but what a disappointment compared with your wonderful product. Finished a jar today, so, quick trip to Whole Foods FOR ONE ITEM, White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt. As I washed out the old jar I thought, "Just love this stuff, gotta check out the website." So I did, read your stories, and appreciate the product even more, for the philosophy behind it. I was eating a sloppy, runny bowl of it while I read the website. I had mixed in a little apricot preserves and some sliced almonds. How good was that! Although my favorite is a little maple syrup (not much, want to taste the tang). Your product renders other yogurts obsolete. I'm so glad to have discovered - and become a regular user of - this superlative product. Sorry to hear your founder died and your 25 year Yogurt Master retired, but I know you'll carry on, and I'll do my share at the consuming end! – Alan

I was just shopping at a local health food store when I saw another customer place a jar of your Bulgarian Yogurt in her cart. I asked her about it because I was unfamiliar with your product and she said it was wonderful. I bought some and just had my first bowl. I don't think I will ever eat any other yogurt again. It is delicious! Thank you for helping me expand my horizons. – Mariellen

Dear sirs, I'm a Turkish citizen who lives in College Station temporarily. And I did not eat any yogurt in my country like yours. Congratulations. Why don't you think to produce your yogurt in Turkey? Especially in Istanbul, you would have a wonderful business. Thank you for your extraordinary products. – Alev

I want to compliment you for your really incredible yogurt. We really love it and buy 1-2 gallons a week. My 8 yr. old son is particularly fond of it and has had it everyday of this entire school year in his lunch box. You are our absolute favorite…thanks! – Jacqueline

I washed another one of your bottles out the other day and thought, "I need to tell you all what a great product you have". I don't know how you do that and not claim "organic" on your label, but you do. Here are my reasons I love your (yogurt): 1) I work for a natural therapy doctor and your yogurt always tests great on patients, 2) I love the glass bottle and plastic lid you use – it makes reusing the bottle again very desirable, 3) the label comes off so easily when I wash and store the bottle and 4) you are a Texas based company. Thanks again for your quality – Cindy

I want you to know that I am having your Bulgarian yogurt for lunch today with a fresh fruit salad. I LOVE your yogurt. I serve this to other people every time I get a chance because I believe it is the best yogurt I have ever had. It is the best food I ever had, period. I am sad for everyone who has not discovered White Mountain Bulgarian yogurt. If I was a millionaire, I would work for your company for free. If your yogurt was a religion, I would be a monk. – Melanie

Thanks so much! I am a loyal customer of your yogurt. I buy the gallon container about every week and a half. I am a tri-athlete and I eat it for breakfast and lunch every workday and sometimes as a sweet snack. I've already had it twice today. It is so good and I feel so great when I eat it, knowing that it is not loaded with unnatural things or excess sugars. I also like knowing that I am supporting a local Austin company that is dedicated to quality. It is also a $$ and environmental saver when I buy the big gallon because I'm not buying other brand yogurt's small individual containers. I can't wait to try your other products. Thanks for wonderful foods! – Colleen

Your yogurt product is marvelous. In March of 2004 I was given a quart jar of your yogurt as a gift. I have been making homemade yogurt every week, ever since. It is incredible how the starter has lasted this long. I use Braums whole milk when I make it, (I have a Salton yogurt maker) and I have been extremely happy with the flavor. – Ann

I am writing to tell you I really enjoy your yogurt and just now discover on your site the other products available. I am a big promoter of "the yogurt in the glass jar". I looked you up on the web thinking it would be a company from somewhere else in the country to find it is in my hometown. The reason for the disappointment is that I will be moving to New Mexico and fear I will no longer be able to purchase the best yogurt I have ever had in my life. – Edmonson

While I was on sabbatical in Albuquerque, New Mexico I shopped almost exclusively at Wild Oats. For a while I bought my regular brand of yogurt with which I was quite happy. Then one day, in a mood to break out of the mold, (or perhaps rut); I purchased a jar of White Mountain Non-Fat Bulgarian Yogurt. Eating yogurt was never quite the same after that. Pint purchases turned into quarts. I couldn't get enough of it. – Shirley 

We were in Austin for Christmas and New Years Day.  My sister works at Central Market off of Lamar and 40th Street. When we were at Central Market, the Sunday before Christmas, we were grocery shopping and my sister told my Mom that your yogurt is the best, so we bought a jar.  My Mom loved it so much she said that it tastes as good as the homemade "Madzoon" (yogurt) my Armenian great-grandma used to make. - Sam

Thank you so much for continuing to make your product. It is my favorite. I only buy yours and one other's because I don't like the additives in the other brands. I think if I eat them often, they give me digestive issues. Plus, yours has the best flavor. Thanks for making the whole milk option. Now I mix with orange juice or water and juice - delicious. –  Annette

I am currently battling the effects of C. difficile after taking a broad spectrum antibiotic for a sinus infection. Now taking a second antibiotic to counteract the effects of the first antibiotic!! My husband and I shop at HEB in the Vintage Shopping Center on Louetta Road a few miles away from our home. On a recent trip to the grocery store we made an effort to look for a yogurt touting "probiotics" and specifically one with no sweeteners added. I have never been a yogurt eater because I always felt like I was eating spoons full of sugar! It was pure luck (or divine intervention) that I stumbled upon your jar of White Mountain Bulgarian Yogurt. Your graphic arts department is to be commended for creating such a fine eye-catching label. I picked up the jar, read the label, and knew that White Mountain was the yogurt for me! I had no idea what to expect from "Bulgarian" yogurt and was surprised by the mildly tart taste. So uniquely different from the 6-pack fruity stuff we've all been fooled into believing is "good" for us!! Adding blueberries to my cup, I am currently enjoying a third jar of White Mountain yogurt in less than two weeks from the day of our original discovery! I have rarely been compelled to offer an opinion on a product, but I just wanted someone to know that your product has given me a sense of power and well-being in an effort to restore my intestinal tract to its former self. : ) I am literally and figuratively your customer for life. Thank you White Mountain! – M. White

I cannot imagine being without this wonderful yogurt! It's amazing, I eat it every single day, it's made a huge difference in some health issues I'd had and I've told countless people about it! I like the whole milk one….also, my husband is Lebanese and we use yogurt a lot in the middle-eastern food... This product really has changed my life in a positive way, and I can't be without it! I know it sounds crazy, but it's true! – Kathy

I tried your Bulgarian Yogurt for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it is the best I've ever had in the United States. I travel to Europe quite often and I'm always disappointed that I'm not able to find the kind of yogurt they sell there here in the US. Very happy to have found your product. – Bill

I wanted to take a moment to write to you about how much my family has enjoyed your product. I am a mother of two young children (9 month old and 2 year old), and I feel strongly that eating habits begin young. Alarmed by the processed and sugar filled 'kid yogurts' on the market, I picked up a jar of your yogurt and hoped my kids would eat it. They love it! It is perfect for topping off a bowl of healthy berries in the morning, or to add to a fruit and veggie filled smoothie for snack, or frozen in popsicle molds on hot days. I can't tell you how grateful I am to know my children are getting good wholesome, protein packed, healthy foods that they like. – Denaysa

White Mountain yogurt is me and my husband's favorite now. We love that it is savory and love the texture. I use it as my yogurt starter also. We eat a lot of plain yogurt. We are from Iran and like plan yogurt and savory and this is really close to what we had back home. Amazing yogurt, so glad I tried it when I saw it at Whole Foods... – Patricia

I decided to try your yogurt because the fact that it was in a glass bottle intrigued me. This was 4 months ago; I have been hooked to this yogurt and regularly buy it. Its the only one I use now. I have even used it to make my own yogurt which turned out delicious, previous attempts with other brands has lead to a weird tasting cream. I'm from India, so to find yogurt (or curd) that tastes and looks like the stuff we get back home has been a life saver. I also appreciate the fact that it is organic. I am very grateful to you guys for making such a great product and even more grateful that the store near my house carries it. It has been a wonderful addition to my diet through my pregnancy. All the success to you! – Uma

We have traveled around the world on a hunt for traditional recipes and culinary traditions. We spent the last 5 months traveling to places, trying different products, and learning how to make them from grandmas!! We include the recipes and stories of the people on our website www.therecipehunters.com. We were lucky to spend 3 days in Sofia Bulgaria in transit to Korea where we ate the best yogurt of our lives. Upon returning to the states we were searching for the same top quality probiotic products and though we found a great Bulgarian feta, it was very hard to find a yogurt that provided the same flavor, and quality that we had in Sofia. That is, until we stumbled upon your yogurt at the Natural and Kings Supermarket in Garden City, NY. Since then we have been going through jars of this stuff on a daily basis!! We wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with your product and hope for continual success. If we ever come to Austin, we would love to meet you and visit your facilities! – Anthony

I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I enjoy your Whole Milk Bulgarian Yogurt. It's so creamy and tangy. It's one of the best plain yogurts I've had and I intend to keep purchasing it. I especially love that it comes in a glass jar! You don't find that very often. Thank you for making such a high quality, delicious yogurt! – Kristy

The superiority of your product outshines the rest in quality, taste, and health benefits. Very grateful to have found this gem. I purchase at Andronico's Market and Good Earth Natural Foods in Marin County. Please continue the standard of quality at the highest level. With gratitude, – Renee

I discovered your yogurt years ago when I was doing my own experimenting with different brands, comparing taste and nutritional value. This is the best cow's milk yogurt available in my area. I am a physician and I DO recommend it to many of my patients. Keep up the good work! – Fred, MD

My wife and I use your yogurt every day in smoothies. We've definitely noticed the difference. Thanks! – Joshua

Your yogurt is amazing! It takes me back in time to my childhood in the 70s where most people ate "real" yogurt. Thank you!!!! – Lauren

Thank you for your product.  I have been getting away from many products that are packaged in plastic. Yogurt was the one that has been hardest to replace.  I was at Sprouts and I saw your beautiful glass jar filled with organic yogurt, and I was sold.  The flavor of the yogurt is exceptional, fresh, and so cold when it comes out of the jar.  I appreciate your product, and your packaging.  Please keep this the same way always.  Thank you again. – Hillary

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