Our Strained Yogurt is produced using a simple traditional straining process to remove the whey from our Bulgarian style which leaves all the beneficial bacteria intact.  It is made the old-fashioned way from 100% whole milk yogurt…no preservatives, added cream, sweeteners or thickeners. Its lusciously thick, smooth, creamy texture and slightly tart taste are reminiscent of sour cream or cream cheese…with all the probiotic, digestive health and nutritional advantages of our yogurt! Our Strained Yogurt’s unique qualities allow it to be used with either sweet or savory flavorings. Try it as a base for all types of deserts, spreads, sauces, toppings, hot sauce, dips and drinks. Use White Mountain Strained Yogurt to add low calorie, probiotic items to your menu.

You can find out more about our Bulgarian Yogurt here.  Our Strained Yogurt is currently only available locally (the Austin, TX area) in bulk for use in the food service industry. You can contact us about our Strained Yogurt here.