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Looking for a way to boost your immune system? White Mountain Foods Bulgarian Yogurt has up to 90 billion probiotics per cup, making it a probiotic superfood.

White Mountain Foods is a vegetarian health food manufacturer, owned, operated, and our products made by the Murray family and team members in Austin, TX.


Our authentic Bulgarian Yogurt is fermented at least 24 hours using only two ingredients - milk and live, active culture - resulting in its signature, old-world tart flavor and natural yogurt texture. Because we use this traditional process, our yogurt provides up to 90 billion probiotic units per cup and it is easily digested by many who are lactose-intolerant. Certified kosher.


We began making our vegan products in 1982 with an eye towards vegan beginners and folks wanting to reduce their cholesterol and fat intake for medical reasons. Having been vegetarians since the 1970’s, we realized the importance of providing our consumers with products that had the same taste and textures of the traditional animal-based foods so that their transition to a different way of eating would be easy and enjoyable.       


Without a doubt, the purest, most traditional, genuine yogurt that can be found. Fresh, living good bacterias for the gut! The very best yogurt! Been using it since the early ‘80s and I’ve seen lots of brands come and go, but this is the best. Period. - Laurice

I’m glad I have finally found yogurt tasting just as good as the traditional Bulgarian yogurt I’m accustomed to. I’m born and raised Bulgarian and I find this yogurt to be excellent in taste.  - Katy

I was recently diagnosed with SIBO and one of the foods that's ok to eat is 24 hour yogurt. My natural doctor who is helping me through my treatment recommended your yogurt. I just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this product - Cassidy

My lactose intolerant mother-in-law goes out of her way to buy your yogurt in Chicago because, yes, it’s the only yogurt she can eat! – Maggie 

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From our 24-hr fermentation process to real answers about probiotics, milk sourcing and digestive health value, we answer the most common questions about White Mountain Foods Bulgarian Yogurt.

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All of our products are made with the same basic concept in mind: natural simplicity. If we can't make a product with just a few simple all-natural ingredients that our consumers enjoy eating, then we don't make it.



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